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What to Eat in Lisbon

From pastel is not too spicy red beans or salsa and more, what to eat in Lisbon can be found just about anywhere you go. This city prides itself on diversity, accommodating visitors from near and far with something for everyone. So it’s no surprise that the choices for food are pretty varied. From traditional dishes to international delights, from seafood to meat, in Lisbon you can find food to please just about everybody.

If you are planning a vacation to this region of Portugal, don’t let the size of the city fool you. Lisbon is actually a large city and considered one of the most historically significant cities in all of Europe. Lisbon historically had a very strong cultural influence from the rest of Portugal and even the rest of the world. From the time of the Roman Empire to the time of the Spanish Empire, this city was always bustling with activity. A good food guide to Lisbon will highlight some of the best and most popular Portuguese cuisines.

Seafood is something that many travelers and tourists love to indulge in. The specialty of Lisbon and the Portuguese people is seafood, especially the cured fish. Most of the spices used in the bacalhau (sausage dish) and the salted cod are native to the land of Lisbon. One of the most popular types of seafood in Lisbon is the scallops which can be found in abundance in the bacalhau. Other than scallops, other good tasting seafood in Lisbon include lingcod, bremstrope and cephalopod.

Seafood is just one aspect of Lisbon’s culinary offerings. Meat is also popular, but pork and beef are usually served sparingly. The traditional Lisbon dog, or nomads, is a very large pork loaf. The pomada is usually served alongside rice and beans, or conga, a type of cassava. Clams are also a specialty in Lisbon and are usually served along with fried fish.

Lisbon is also famous for its specialty dishes, such as polvo seco (fish sandwich), salted beef and cabbage, boquerizo (boiled egg) and the classic pork dish, chorizo a mano (chorizo with meat). For desserts, fresh fruit and chocolate are usually served. Usually the fruit is covered in chocolate, but sometimes almonds and raisins are mixed in. A well-liked dessert is the chocolate cake with fresh cream.

Lisbon has a number of excellent restaurants that specialize in seafood and great local eateries that serve Portuguese cuisine. It is important to try the delicacies from these restaurants so that you can experience the real Portugal. Seafood is the speciality of Lisbon and it is not all about chicken and pork, but instead there are dishes made with all types of seafood. Some examples of these restaurants include La Barra de Pesca, Fado and Paco’s Restaurant.